lawyer turned road manager and nanny

hit the road

it’s official.  we’re on the road.  first city – st. paul, mn.  the band plays it’s biggest show of the tour tomorrow night.  how’s that a way to start?  1351 tickets sold last time i checked.  they are doing two radio shows this morning for the local npr station.  then quickly back to the hotel and then off to the venue for sound check.  our plan, whenever possible, is to have me go to venues with the babies and spend a couple of hours there.  that way they get more time with mama and papa and an additional late afternoon/early evening feed with mamasquared.  then i’ll come back to the hotel, feed them some solids, wrestle through a bath, and tuck them into their tents.  did i mention that they are sleeping in tents?  well, let’s hope they do some sleeping in there.  overall, the babies did really well today.  they were troopers and were as happy as could be when i checked in on them last tonight as they got ready for bed.

traveling was hard yesterday.  we left home at 10 in morning and didn’t get into our hotel until 8pm.  not a big deal normally, but we only went as far as st. paul.  check-in was complicated, then we had to deal with u.s. immigration, security searched every fiber of our beings, and did i mention that we travel with about 101 pieces of luggage?  see picture below.

jeremy (fiddle/mando side man for the Jennys) sat next to a musician on his flight out of winnipeg.  the guy was a guitarist for Air Supply!  how amazing is that?  i happened to overhear part of their conversation – the part where the guy said, “humans aren’t meant for touring.”  hmmm.  not really the words i want to hear as i take off on my first tour.

wish us luck!


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  1. EMQ

    More road parents! Excellent! I just found your blog through Tourtot, and I’m so excited. My husband and I have been on the road with our baby for the last year. Other than readin The Mates of State blog and talking on other couple in town who also travel with their child, we haven’t been too connected to other road parents. Best of luck to y’all, and I look forward to following your adventures!

    February 27, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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