lawyer turned road manager and nanny

seaside room

we are two weeks in to touring now and i think we are getting a better hang of it. people kept telling me that we have to get our “touring legs” back. and i feel like i am getting there. and not to be a total band wagon rider, but i bought an iphone when we were in madison and i loooove it. it is amazingly helpful for the road – checking and responding to e-mails, routing drives, finding restaurants, posting to the band’s facebook and twitter pages. it is amazing. i heart it big time.

we are in north-eastern california. we had a beautiful drive yesterday from chico (home of the sierra nevada brewery where the band played – yum!). we were running a little behind leaving the hotel in chico, so mamasquared was able to give the boys an extra nap and feeding in the hotel room. this worked out well as we were able to drive directly to grass valley without stopping (ah-hm, except for the burrito truck for the adults). this was smart for many reasons, not the least of which was that we arrived with time to spare at our hotel in grass valley. we needed that extra time because our first hotel was frightening. we all displayed an initial amusement with its kitchiness. i, for example, was given the seaside room complete with a full wall photographic mural of a seaside landscape and a fake port hole window. however, after a more thorough assessment, we realized that the motel simply wouldn’t do. it was cold (had baseboard and space heaters), uncomfortable beds, and thin thin walls. the doors that connected our two rooms were basically made of styrofoam. we were concerned that the babies would freeze their little butts off. and quite frankly, it felt a little too Bates Motel for the rest of us. so, alas, i called the presenter who very graciously moved us to much better hotel. papa, mama, and i did a little dance and hug of joy when we walked into our rooms. nightmares would have been had in the seaside room. i kicked myself for not taking pictures, but realized that it would be bad form to ask to get back into the room to take pictures after having canceled five reservations. thankfully, the internet provides the below:

what you can’t quite see in this photo is that there was a giant piece of plexiglass as a pseudo headboard – to protect the mural i believe.

now for some more picturesque views of california.


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