lawyer turned road manager and nanny

you are the morning…i am the night

many friends who travel for work have asked me how i do it.  they’re exhausted and they wonder if i end up exhausted.  i’ve come to learn that touring actually doesn’t exhaust me.  there usually are a few first days of adjusting and then once you are in the rhythm of it, it just flows.  i know this aspect of touring is easier for me than for mama and papasquared.  they have so much more stuff to unpack and repack every day.  and, they have whole other layers of sleeplessness with which to contend.  i find that the exhaustion really only hits me once i stop moving – usually about day three or four of being in one place.  and then it becomes incredibly difficult to move.  i also know that traveling has been easier for me over the last two months because i haven’t really had a home base.  in total, i think i have spent about 36 hours in winnipeg over the last two months.  so a lack of sense of home actually helps make every place feel a little bit like home.

i’m fortunate to have generous friends here in d.c. who routinely open their homes to me.  and my most recent visit has coincided with some of these friends traveling themselves – which means that for two weeks i’ve had a place to myself that feels homey and nice.  the picture below was taking from one of these homes.


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